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Hello Friends, 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Oscar & Friends, the face behind the name – Oscar, and more importantly, how our experience can help you and your dog.

First, the ultimate question:

Who is Oscar?

Oscar is a four-(and a 1/2) year-old Cavapoo (sometimes known as a Cavoodle), a proudly-British dog born on May 23, 2014, in Southampton. In four short years, Oscar has travelled more miles than many humans ever will – having lived in both the UK and sunny Australia (via a brief stop off at duty-free in Dubai).

Oscar is apricot and cream has two daily vices – his Omega 3 capsules, and Freddy the Teddy. There’s also Rosie the Reindeer, and at this very moment {George the Giraffe}... but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. You’re here because you’re interested in learning what natural, healthy foods Oscar eats, and how you and your dog can benefit from being on a natural diet. Right? Right.

The Problem

In today’s world, we humans spend our lives Googling how to eat a balanced diet that’s both nutritious and delicious. But…what about our dogs? As part of the family, they deserve quality, healthy, and tasty foods too.

The Inspiration

It all started when Oscar was around a year old and started to get sick, every month, like clockwork. It was always the same – he went from energetic to lethargic, and hungry to repulsed by his usual dog food and not even raising nostril to a tasty dog chew, unable to keep anything down.
A detox diet of chicken and rice would do the trick until the cycle started all over again the next month. It was exhausting – for both of us. The first couple of times I rushed to the vets. Like a toddler, he knew no fear – consuming any piece of rubbish or rat he could get his paws on. Puppies are hardwired to strengthen their immune system, just like children (with extra hair). Eventually, it turned out that it wasn’t anything Oscar consumed that was making him sick.

The Diagnosis

Soon enough, Oscar was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal issue, several allergies, and an alarming intolerance to almost every major dog food brand on my local store’s shelves. The process of elimination to find the cause for a dog is a long one and it just didn't seem fair to put little Oskie through that, especially knowing that at the end of a lot of tests (and money) there was a high chance it wouldn't result in a definitive answer.

The Revelation

That’s when my curiosity was first sparked: What’s in dog food? The answer shook me to my core. I won’t go into all the gory details, but I will tell you this. The Turkey Twizzler is a ray of sunshine compared to what I discovered. I mean, I wouldn’t eat that junk. Why would I expect my dog to? I couldn’t, and I can’t. That’s why I decided to take action, do my homework, and find healthier, more natural alternatives for Oscar. BUT…I quickly discovered at the time, that healthy dog food alternatives, just like our healthy food alternatives, are A) expensive, B) hard to find, and C) take ages to deliver. Today, we're so lucky, we have brands like Beco Pets and Barking Heads who don't just make one bag or pouch natural, their entire range is - it's part of there reason for existing.


Ultimately, this leads me to the present moment – I’ve just moved back to the UK after living in Australia, determined to give dogs nationwide (and eventually, worldwide…) a better diet, and in turn, a better life. Ever since I changed Oscar’s diet, he’s never been happier & healthier, and I’m chuffed to say that I cannot remember when he last had a monthly attack (although, he wasn't too happy at the 10 days in Melbourne in quarantine).

Decided by Dogs

At Oscar & Friends, we provide dog food that dogs themselves would naturally choose. In other words, our grub is proudly “Decided by Dogs.” If their fluffy tails aren’t wagging into a blurred frenzy when they try our products, the food doesn’t make the cut. Simple. So, yes – Oscar & Friends IS tested BY animals, and proudly so! If you haven't seen it already, check out our Meet Oscar's Friends page, you and your dog could be part of our "Decided By Dogs" panel.

Join Our Family

Oscar & Friends is more than a business. We are a like-minded community of true dog-lovers – meaning we actually think about what we put into our pup’s bodies. Knowledge is power. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, feel free to drop us a line anytime. While we’re not vets or nutritionists, we have vets and nutritionists on standby for professional advice should you need it. We’ve done enough research to know what dogs should and shouldn’t be eating.

To declare your dog a friend of Oscar’s, feel free to start shopping today. We hope your dog enjoys eating our products just as much as Oscar does.

Best wishes and high-five paws,

James & Oscar

P.S. If you’ve made it this far, pour yourself a stiff drink. You’ve earned it. I’ll join you.