Initially, our natural instinct was not to have an environmental policy, because for us it isn’t about following a policy, doing or not doing something because it counts towards a score, mark, or rating.

At Oscar & Friends, it’s just the way we are and we do things this way because we care about the future. We still stand by our “actions speak louder than words” thinking, but recognise that sometimes, words are required.  

We acknowledge that our activities as a business have an impact on the environment, and ensuring we conduct our business by producing the maximum environmental gain for the minimum impact is our approach and it’s the second question we ask ourselves when making decisions.

The beauty for us as a small company is having flexibility; to test, adapt, and reinvent. Throughout the process of bringing Oscar & Friends from an idea to a reality, there have been many occasions where we’ve had to create a way because it didn’t exist. Has it has set us back in time and cost us more money? Yes, because we didn’t want to compromise, and this ethos will follow us into the everyday.

One of the first tests we are undertaking is on the packaging used for shipping the products to you. Does a bag of pet food really need to go in a box to be posted, only for the box to be binned 87% of the time? We’re currently trialling bags, (and I’ve posted a few bags of food to myself to test) to see if we are able to deliver you the product in a condition you would expect whilst reducing the packaging to get it to you. Should you need to return your item, you do so in the delivery bag. This bag can also be re-used up to four times, is FSC certified and entirely recyclable.  

As I sit and write this, we don’t even have a printer, making us almost paperless and we encourage our suppliers to share information with us electronically rather than printed and posted. (note: by the time you read this we will have one printer that is used for the address labels on your packages but, it’s inkless).

The products we sell are all natural so they only use natural ingredients which are ethically sourced. All of the products we stock come from companies with a similar (if not stronger, in some cases) approach to the environment and conducting business in the least impactful manner as possible. 

As with everything, we are a small team at present and there is a limit to our superhuman powers, so if there’s an idea you think we should consider, send over the details and we’ll investigate.

If you really want to know more about our environmental policy, continue looking through our website, make a purchase from us, and see it in action.

Best wishes 


Signature of Oscar and Friends Founder James

James & Oscar

P.S. If you were wondering the first question we ask ourselves, it's what you & your dog will think