• Crafted From Sustainable Rice Husks And Bamboo
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Designed To Make Mealtime Pleasant With Lower Rims To Accommodate Pets’ Whiskers

You show you care for your pets by the natural foods you choose for them. Use the same care when you select their bowls. Not all bowls are created equal, after all.

Made using waste fibres from plant products such as rice husks and bamboo, the Beco Bowl is not only sustainable, but also 100 per cent natural.

You’ll never have to worry about harmful plastic residues with a Beco Bowl. Sustainable to produce and dishwasher-friendly, a Beco Bowl is easy to keep clean and, after the bowl wears out, a Beco Bowl is completely biodegradable.

That’s not all. Your pet’s Beco bowls have a four-wave design with a low rim, so your pet’s whiskers needn’t brush up against the side of the bowl. Crafted in a wide range of colours to blend with your home’s décor, this bowl is available in natural, brown, green, blue, and pink.