• 100% Natural, Healthy Dog Treats
  • Containing No Additives, Colourings Or Preservatives
  • Wheat Free
  • No Added Salt Or Sugar

Natural Way Skin & Coat Dog Treats could very well be part of the answer to all of your problems if your dog lives with any kind of skin condition.

Skin diseases are the number one most common problem that vets treat day in, day out and a percentage of these is related to dietary deficiencies. Natural Way Skin & Coat dog treats are delicious, hand-baked bones you'll dog will love. On top of this, they are bursting with so much goodness you'll wonder why you hadn't discovered them before.

These natural, holistic dog treats only contain ingredients which are known to boost the immune system and provide a range of vitamins, minerals and herbs which help to promote a healthy skin and coat.

We promise you, of the seven ingredients which make up this dog treat, there will be no requirement to google any of the ingredients, you might even be left wondering if you can sneak one without the dog seeing!

Fresh Carrot: A natural source of vitamins A & E, both known to aid skin health

Flax Seed: A natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids

Parsley: A source of vitamins A & C, natural antioxidants, and minerals in their organic form including calcium, magnesium and iron.

Garlic: A source of natural antioxidants, also known for its natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties

Every dog who has tried these has LOVED them. Ideal as a training aid or rewards treat.



Ingredients: Oat flour, rye flour, egg, fresh carrot, parsley, flax seeds and garlic

Analytical Constituents: Protein 10.0%, Oil 6%, Ash 2.0%, Fibre 4.0%


It is recommended that the biscuits only make up to 10% of the diet, and should only be given to dogs 16 weeks and over.

Always ensure you have plenty of fresh drinking water available for your dog.