• Free From Artificial Colours, Preservatives Or Flavours
  • Naturally Low In Fat & High In Protein
  • Made From Human Grade Meat
  • No Wheat, Gluten Or Cereals

This 100% natural premium gourmet dog & puppy treat is made using only human grade chicken breast meat, delicately roasted to perfection, the addition of cheese, a firm favourite with dogs, makes this treat even tastier.

This premium gourmet treat is made from quality chicken breast meat with cheese. Low in fat & high in protein. Pet Munchies chicken & cheese, do not contain wheat, gluten, or cereals. A complementary treat for dogs. From the moment the packet is open the delicious aromas will set tails wagging and the meaty taste will show your dog just how important he or she is to you.

Chicken Breast (79.6%), Glycerin, Vegetable Protein, Sorbitol, Starch, Milk Derivatives, Salt